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Occupation and service

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Working freelance on language technology and translation, especially machine translation or translation with help of a computer, followed up by manual corrections and improvement of syntax and language.

Emphasis on high-quality translation of technical/informative texts and a customized method with help of a computer for each translation task. Most experience of translation in the fields of computing/IT and software, e.g. business software.

Tasks in language technology:

Language technology is about using computers to process human language. Tasks can be of many different kinds. A few examples can be seen on the webpage about education and previous occupation. All rates are according to agreement.
On the webserver Tungutorg, operated by Stefán (at least until 29 March 2009), there is access, free of charge, to raw machine translations of texts of limited size. The translations in question are listed in the following table. Longer texts can be translated for payment according to agreement.

Raw machine translation:
 source language  --> target language     rate according to agreement
 Esperanto  --> Icelandic          based on 44 000 word roots in Esperanto
 Icelandic    --> Danish             based on 24 000 Icelandic words
 English       --> Icelandic          based on 69 000 English words              Status and translation samples
 Icelandic    --> English             based on 93 000 Icelandic words           Status and translation samples

High-quality translation:

 source language   -->   target language   rate according to agreement
 Danish  -->   Icelandic  
 English  -->   Icelandic  
 Esperanto   -->  Icelandic  
 Icelandic  -->   Esperanto   

Editing and layout according to agreement. Great experience in using LaTeX for text processing.

On tasks for clients in Iceland there is an addition of 24.5% VAT.

The source text must be delivered in machine-readable form. A discount from the rates is negotiable, e.g. for tasks of large size or other tasks where methods, that make use of a computer, reduce the working time considerably.

The completeded translation can be delivered in machine-readable form by e-mail, on a 3.5" floppy disk or a CD-ROM, or printed on A4 sheets with a laser printer.


PC computer
Laser printer 1200x1200

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