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The internacional language Esperanto is intended for communication between people with different mother tongues.

On the Internet a lot of diverse material about and in Esperanto is accessible. The following webpages can serve as starting points for browsing:

    The Icelandic Esperanto Association (in Icelandic and Esperanto)
    La Tradukisto, review issued in Iceland
    References to Esperanto pages in many countries
    Netradio and speech in Esperanto:
        Netradio and more from various radio stations
        Netradio daily from the Polish radio
        Selection of programs from the Polish radio 1998-2000
    Words and sentences, written and spoken,  English - Esperanto (Travlang)
    Words and sentences, written and spoken,  Esperanto - English (Travlang)

Machine translation from and to Esperanto:

Online translation from Esperanto to English (free access, by Aaron David Irvine)
Stefán's page on machine translation

Last changed 1 January 2004